Collingswood Recreation League

Sponsored By:   Collingswood May Fair
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Our NJ State Champion OM team Our Division 2 To Be Continued: A Superhero Cliffhanger team received 1st Place in the Lighthouse Regional Tournament, 1st Place in the NJ State Finals, and will be traveling to Michigan State University to compete in the 2017 Odyssey of the Mind World Finals. The team is coached by Alyson Wiecek and Shannon DiMasi

Dear Friends of Collingswood Recreation Program Odyssey of the Mind,

OM doesn't allow outside assistance when the kids are working on their long-term problem solutions, but that only goes so far.  Building an all-volunteer program like ours, involving nearly 100 kids, requires tons of outside assistance.

On behalf of the kids, coaches, parents, and officials involved with CRPOM, thank you for your support in the 2016-2017 season.  Without your generous donations and other assistance, our 12 teams and 2 Primary Clubs would not have been able to hold practices, compete at the Regional and State tournaments, or travel to the World Finals at Michigan State University.  Our teams achieved amazing things this year and we are so, so grateful.

In particular, I wish to acknowledge the individuals and organizations listed below for their donations, promotional support, and other assistance. Please visit the websites of the local businesses and organizations linked here, and consider giving these generous and community-minded people your business.  Please let me know about any omissions or errors.

Thank you again,
Kenneth Allendoerfer
CRPOM President



Heights of Collingswood



Individual & Family Sponsors

  • Jacqueline & Edward Abrams

  • The Allendoerfer Family

  • Jennifer Baker

  • The Celia Family

  • The Cohen Family

  • Allan & Judy Eimer

  • Michael & Angelique Eimer

  • Stephen & Eleanor Eimer

  • The Hislip Family

  • Pat Hoban

  • Denise Lewis

  • Richard & Geraldine Lewis

  • Casey McCollum

  • John & Sandra McCormack

  • Margaret Morfit

  • Karen & Robert Moxon

  • Chuck & Joyce Muhl

  • Nancy Redfern Freedman

  • Daniel & Rosemary Schranghamer

  • Tom and Dorothy Sheridan

  • Eric & Karen Shuler

  • Frank & Susan Shuler

  • Norman Spier

  • Alexandra Tighe

  • Carolyn Tighe

  • Chelsea Tighe & Patrick Rife

  • Jennifer Urdang-Stern

  • Robert & Judy Weaver

  • Alex & Marguerite Wiecek


Special Thanks

  • Mayor Maley, Commissioner Leonard, and Commissioner Lewandowski

  • Bobby Rodriguez and the Collingswood Recreation Program

  • Cass Duffey and the Collingswood Community Development program

  • Keith Hastings, Elizabeth Pigliacelli, Madalyn Deets, and the rest of the Borough administration and staff

  • NJ Pen and Matt Skoufalos

  • Collingswood Public Library